Microwave Barriers offer an important technological advancement in the field of outer space perimeter protection compared to other systems. The most recent circuit technology allows it to be used in any type of environment thanks to the detecting antennas suitable for all conditions. The model with a 30-meter short range wide angle is ideal for the gate protection, while the models with a 350-meter medium range and, 450-meter long range offer a full perimeter security.

The GaAs FET microwave technology allows the Model 300B to operate with a very low current from a 12 VDC power supply. The Phase Locked Loop (PLL) inside the receiver processes the signal increasing the level of detection and, increases or reduces the signal level to avoid any interference from other transmitters. The Automatic Gain Control (AGC) circuit allows for a link compliance even under various site conditions and in case of change in the weather conditions. The four field selectable modulation frequencies inside the transmitter and, the PLL filter inside the receiver allows for the use of multiple links.


For the detection of any intrusion, a modulated wide sensitivity and detection system is used to form an invisible microwave energy pattern between the receiver and the transmitter. A signal change in the receiver is directly related to the size and intensity of the objects and, it means that the detectors are capable of distinguishing the objects accordingly and properly. In case of a person walking, running and crawling etc. within the detection area (pattern) of the Model 300B, an alarm is to be issued. With a Field Adjustment, it is possible to trigger an alarm for a larger or smaller targets depending on some certain applications.