As Siberetek A.Ş, we provide security, performance and reliability, as well as all relevant national and international standards and provisions of legal legislation, in order to be a leader in quality and time in our field, to provide a quality level that will meet the ongoing needs and expectations of our customers depending on the competitive environment.

To increase the customer portfolio by conducting new market researches by meeting with foreign or domestic companies,

It is to speed up the service period by making it known that time is the most precious value, that no one has the right to waste their own or anyone else's time, and that the system is important to achieve the result and that no one can do business outside the system.

To ensure the completion of the work at once by planning and obeying work safety, not to rush back, not to waste material, labor and time, increase productivity, reduce costs, thus achieve our growth and profit targets.

With the awareness that our employees are the building blocks of our company, it is our company to mobilize our material and human resources so that they can be trained in a comfortable and safe environment and lead a humane life. Quality Policy.

Tüm personelimizle SİBERTEK ELK. GÜV. VE OTOM.SİST.İNŞ.TUR.TİC.A.Ş ’de ki kalite sistemimiz ISO 9001: 2015 standardının tüm gereklerini yerine getirmek ve sistemimizin etkinliğini sürekli geliştirmek kuruluşumuzun temel politikasıdır.