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Product Details;

These hydraulic road blockers are designed for high security vehicle entrances in military areas, public institutions, embassies, consulates, banks directorships, marinas, harbors, refineries and prisons. Road blockers are especially for entrance points where there is a threat of terror or vehicle attack. These security solutions are latest products of our times to control the vehicles in where required high security conditions. 

Road blockers are available with various control options. These road blockers can be integrated with loop detectors, sensors, photo cell systems, remote controlling systems, access buttons, card reading systems, automatic pass systems and plate reading systems. Road blocker systems can be manufactured in any dimensions according to the applications. Road blockers are the best security systems to control and secure the vehicle entrances. It is impossible to pass the security line even with high tonnage vehicles with high speeds. Also traffic signs and warnings can be integrated to the road blockers system.

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